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Second time lucky


This was my second pregnancy with One to One and I chose to use them again after the brilliant care that I got with my first child who is now 2 years old. I really wanted a home birth with my first but due to medical reasons last minute I was una..

Successful Home Birth - First Time Mum


My surges started naturally at 40+2 just as I got in to bed at 22:00 on Friday 14 September. I’d had some period style cramping earlier in the day but thought nothing of it as the day before I was told that baby’s head wasn’t ye..

Orion’s birth story


So, my husband and I had wanted a homebirth with our previous children however, due to pregnancy and labours unpredictable challenges this wasn’t possible until now. My two previous births had been in hospital and induced by IV drip of..

4 minutes and he was out


So, I’m just under 4 weeks into being a mum of two! But whilst I’ve got that rare luxury of a quiet 10 minutes and a hot cuppa, I thought I’d share my birth story. From week 3, like in my first pregnancy, Hyperemesis hit me..

My Story


I had the most amazing home birth with the help of my wonderful One to One midwife Vicky, it is everything that I could have hoped for. Prior to my labour, I attended hypnobirthing classes, which really helped me to understand what would be happe..

Pregnancy and Birth of Zakhar


Arriving in Liverpool on cold frosty night with 2 small children and 5 suitcases waiting to meet my husband that I hadn't seen for 4 months was both very scary, challenging but also a very exciting and emotional moment. The move was one of the bi..

“You’ve got this!”


During week 28 of my pregnancy, we decided to switch our care to One to One and it was honestly the best decision we ever made. I cannot recommend their service highly enough. My first encounter of a One to One midwife was at my week 32 appo..

Not as planned


I went into labour on Saturday 14th April 2018 at about four in the morning, after my waters had broke. I rang my midwife, Gail Brennan to let her know. At the time I was excited, yet nervous as I was expecting my first baby. I had planned a home..

Lovely and Quick Homebirth


As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a home birth, after not having a very nice experience with my first after she was born in hospital and I'm so glad I did! Kate was extremely supportive and talked me and my partner through eve..

Baby Stanley Rod


At my first home visit back in August, I was taken aback by the service that One to One deliver; regular home visits and scans available in the shopping centre that I like to go to has been brilliant. I have never stayed in a hospital and th..

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