One to One understand how special and unique each individual pregnancy, birth and antenatal journey is. We love sharing these moments and memories with you.

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A VBac, a bump and a midwife called Belinda


When I visited my GP to confirm my pregnancy he gave me a leaflet about One to One and said he would refer me. I got a call from Belinda who said she would come out and see me and explain more about One to One. I'd seen a bit in the local paper w..

A poem for One to One Midwives


To Belinda I really appreciate you, Your helping giving ways, And how your generous heart, Your unselfish displays. I thank you for your kindness I will not soon forget; Your one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you so much..

A One to One Hospital Birth


My story hasn't got a very happy ending like others but i thought I'd share it anyway. When i found out I was pregnant last year, I was referred to the One to One Midwives. Katie gave me a call not long after I found out. We went to meet Katie an..

A One to One Home Birth and Water Birth


Hiya Belinda, Apologies for taking so long in getting to you! Would you believe that I have only just now had a spare hand?! Now I know why its so important to have family around you when you have a baby. One to One Midwives were key in h..

A Mum's and Dad's Story of using One to One Midwives


Mum's Story I transferred my care to your service towards the end of my pregnancy, I met your team at the funky family christmas event in Hulme hall in november. I am so glad I did, our midwife was Ben Worth. I was surprised to have a ma..

A GP Referral to One to One Midwives


Hi I just want to start by saying how fantastic the One to One service really is. I didn't know about this service until my GP put me in touch with them and I would recommend it to anyone. I wasn't with them for that long as I sadly had..

A friend's recommendation to One to One Midwives


I am writing this to share my pregnancy and birth story and my experience with One to One midwives. I first heard about One to One through a friend who recommended their service. When I contacted One to One I was 24 weeks pregnant with my sec..

A dads experience of One to One Midwives in his own words.


This is my short story regarding One to One Midwifes from a dads point of view. We were told by our GP about One to One so we thought we give it a go. From the beginning I was unsure as we have always been seen by the hospital and this servi..

A birth story, 20 Weeks Pregnant and beyond


I would just like to thank you for the servicve we received and to share my birth story. I started with One to One when I was over 20 weeks pregnant and was introduced to the service by Maureen who had taught us hypnobirthing. It was the best dec..

Case Study - Rebecca Stephens, One to One Midwife


“The job satisfaction is tremendous. I love being able to provide the continuity of care that every woman should have, and knowing that I have made a real difference to their experience of childbirth.”- Becky Stephens, 23, One to One midw..

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