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Perfect home water birth


I honestly cannot thank the team at One to One Ellesmere Port for all they have done for me, my partner and my little boy. I had never heard of One to One before and neither had any of my friends or family so when I found out I was pregnant ..

Fast first home delivery


We moved to a new area when I was 34 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I have always wanted a home birth and I found One-to-One by googling 'Home birth Colchester'. I self-referred to the service and we were allocated our midwife Ming shor..

Utterly in debt


I fell pregnant only 6 months after giving birth to my first child. I waited so long for a living child, I had experienced ten years of infertility and baby loss but was blessed with my rainbow baby in December 2016. It was a very traumatic b..

Finally the birth I wanted


Finding out I was pregnant with baby number 3 was both wonderful and absolutely terrifying. My second baby, my daughter, had passed away from a genetic condition 5 month’s previously and we wanted to have this baby tested to see if they had..

My pregnancy, labour and birth story


We found out that we were expecting in July 2017, as soon as I accepted this (I was in shock that it had happened so fast) I emailed One to One Midwives. My sister had used them in her pregnancy and she couldn't rate them higher! I liked that the..

Homebirth Decision


So, my perfect little boy is 3 months old now and finally tonight sitting down and looking at him I decided to write this. I was given a leaflet at an early scan about One to One and decided I would have a look into it. Anyway, I called One ..

Why I loved my One to One experience


The experience I have had with One to One has been absolutely amazing. My midwife, Emma Siddle has been outstanding from the word go and I can’t thank her enough for her constant support, advice and general patience. Since day one of m..

My first baby delivered by mum!


I found out I was pregnant just after moving out (literally just! - 2 days) with my partner of 9 years. We were filled with a mix of emotions but one thing I was already certain on is that I wanted to go with One to One and I wanted a pool birth...

Geriatric mother to 6!


After five children and a vasectomy, I was not expecting any more children. I was also not expecting to end my marriage and meet a new partner. However, in 2017 this is exactly what happened. I found out I was pregnant with baby number 6 on 11th ..

Meeting baby Layla


After my first birth in hospital and it being quite traumatic for me, even though it would have been classed as a perfect labour, I knew I didn’t want that to happen again and decided to go with One to One Midwives. My first meeting wi..

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