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One to One Midwives offer all women (and their partners) the opportunity to undertake our Parent Education classes free of charge. One to One recommend attending the Parent Education Course if you are 24 weeks or over.

On the day please bring the following to the course with you:

  • A few bottles of water
  • A comfortable cushion and yoga mat
  • Your own lunch.
  • And of course you are more than welcome to bring your birthing partner!

The course starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 17:00 pm, and the day is split into a Workshop and a Class session.

Active Birth Workshop

Our Active Birth workshop will provide you with all the information and tools required to feel confident, well informed and fully prepared for your birth.

The term 'Active birth' means the freedom to breath; freedom to move and freedom eat and drink throughout labour and birth. Our aim is to provide you with all the resources for a natural, gentle, active birth. Our long-term aim is to change societies negative perception of childbirth. Many women experience birth through TV, magazines, or the Internet and often portray pregnancy and childbirth as risky for mother and baby and this has brought many fears around labour and birth. Research has shown that childbirth fear affects women in a number of ways, including:

  • Sleeplessness and depression (Hall et al, 2009)
  • Requests for caesarean section (Waldenström et al, 2006; Nieminen et al, 2009)
  • Higher rates of emergency caesarean section (Ryding et al, 1998; Laursen et al, 2009)
  • Higher rates of epidural analgesia (Alehagen et al, 2005; Fenwick et al, 2009)
  • A negative birth experience (Waldenström et al, 2006; Cheung et al, 2006)
  • Emotional instability postnatally (Hofberg and Brockington, 2000; Melender, 2002)
  • A sense of personal failure (Nilsson and Lundgren, 2007).

At One to One Midwives, 78% of our women give birth naturally and 32% give birth in the comfort of their own homes and many of these women loved their birthing experience.

Our active birth workshop will teach you and your birthing partner that birth can be gentle and natural, you will learn all about the birthing body, with plenty of practice of labour and birth positions, birth breathing, relaxation, massage and guidance for the your birthing partner. We promise to avoid all the silly games that many people dread and dislike from standard antenatal classes. We are confident that this workshop will have a profound influence on your mind – creating a positive mind-set and a feeling of confidence and trust in what your body can do. You will discover about birth choices and how to voice them, which is hugely empowering.

Supporting Documents:

Parent Education Evaluation Form Parent Education Evaluation Form (129 KB)

Early Days Parent Education Class

Life with a newborn can be overwhelming due to sleepless nights, and significant life change that happens with a new baby. Many new parents, experience a mixture of conflicting advice from friends and family, media and parenting books which can be very confusing and can prevent the parents from using their own natural parenting instinct. Our 'Early days' workshop are designed to increase your confidence as new parents to be by providing research based information and guidance as you prepare for the birth of your baby and life beyond.

This workshop includes information about normal newborn appearance and behaviour as well as baby care basics with hands on practice diapering, swaddling, temperature control and bathing.

We base our information around the principles of Attachment Parenting. Attachment parenting is an approach to childrearing that promotes a secure attachment bond between parents and their children. How parents develop a secure attachment with their child lies in the parent's ability to fulfil that child's need for trust, empathy, and affection by providing consistent, loving, and responsive care. By demonstrating healthy and positive relationship skills, the parent provides critical emotional scaffolding for the child to learn essential self-regulatory skills.

You will discover at our Early days workshop the six key principles to attachment parenting;

1) Feed with Love and Respect -- Research shows huge evidence that Breastfeeding is the healthiest infant-feeding choice. The physiology of breastfeeding promotes a high degree of maternal responsiveness and is associated with several other positive outcomes. You will learn about the all the basic techniques of breastfeeding, how to prevent, recognize and manage potential difficulties, and consideration for partners. In the case breastfeeding is not possible, bottle-nursing -- attentive bottle-feeding -- should emulate the closeness of breastfeeding.

2) Skin to skin- both parents and babies benefit from close contact and we will demonstrate ways which this can be achieved.

3) Respond with Sensitivity -- research shows many dangers of Baby-training systems, such as the commonly referred-to "cry it out," for babies neurological development. You will learn all about the benefits of responding to your babies needs and practising a baby-led parenting style.

4) Ensure Safe Sleep -- This principle is the basis for one of the more controversial subjects in parenting. You will learn about safe sleeping so that all parents remain responsive to their children during sleep.

5) Strive for Personal and Family Balance -- Attachment Parenting is a family-centred approach in that all members of the family have equal value. Parents need balance between their parenting role and their personal life in order to continue having the energy and motivation to maintain a healthy relationship and to model healthy lifestyles for their children. We will touch on this principle so that you have realistic views of what it is like to become a new parent.

6) Provide Nurturing Touch -- Parents who "wear" their babies in a sling or wrap are providing their babies with consent reassurance and contentment. You will discover all the advantages to baby-wearing and will have the opportunity to meet a baby-wearing consultant who will demonstrate different wraps and slings.