A perfect present for Father’s Day


A Wirral couple welcomed their second child into the world at the end of May in time for a perfect Father’s Day celebration.

The couple who used the Wirral based One to One Midwives service for the second time welcomed their daughter Holly on the 27th May in a wonderful, relaxed home birth supported by their midwife Michelle.

Moreton mum Louise, 34, explained “My experience with One to One has been wholly positive. I felt informed and empowered about every element of the experience of pregnancy and birth.”

“Friends of ours had their first child (4.5 years ago) using One to One and they were the first people we had ever heard of choosing to have a home birth. We then referred to One to One after finding out we were pregnant with our first daughter Emily. With Emily we had a lovely home birth in 2013 with One to One I knew I wanted a similar experience this time. “

“Keith as with last time was involved at all ante natal appointments which gave him greater confidence for his role in the birth and he also became my voice talking to Michelle to update her on my labour, and was aware of my wishes for the birth and after. He truly was my birth partner not just a spectator.”

Louise says: “I feel this is largely due to the confidence in our ability to be parents and birth our baby that being with One to One gave us. I feel so lucky to live in an area where we've been able to use this incredible service twice.”

Proud dad Keith said: “I was provided with every opportunity to be an active part of the pregnancy and birth by scheduling the appointments and visits around times that were suitable with my work.”

“I never felt unwelcome and always felt included and that I had a valuable input into discussions and decisions over the birth “

“Our midwife made me realise there were choices that we could make even if we were to go to hospital and not have the birth we planned for, but most importantly they gave me and my wife the confidence to have a home birth for both of our daughters.”

Keith explained: “One of the biggest areas of help One to One provide for Dads is to bring confidence and calmness to an unknown and frankly scary situation that you can never fully prepare for. They give you all the information that you want and organise free events for you to meet with other people in the same situation to discuss all your options and experiences.”

Louise went on to say: “I recommend One to One to every person I meet when I find out they are pregnant. We have had 2 excellent, different experiences with One to One that we would not have been able to have without using the service that I can't help but recommend it.”

For further information please contact:

Natalie Casstles - 07773427605

Notes to editors

To find out more about One to One visit www.onetoonemidwives.org.

To find out more about the service or to refer yourself visit the website or the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OnetoOneMidwives/ or call 0330 3309 121 or ask your GP to refer you.

Facts and figures:

One to One Midwives is commissioned by the NHS in the Northwest and is insured and regulated in the same way as other NHS providers.

93.09% of women who birthed with One to One achieved a normal vaginal birth

Normal (vaginal) birth in hospital, One to One 74.3%, England 60.9%*

Induction of labour, One to One 16.5%, England 25%*

Total number of caesarean births, One to One 15.9%, England 26.2%*

Average number of post-natal visits, One to One 7.2, National 3*

Overall breastfeeding rate at 6-weeks, One to One 57%, national 47.2%*

*Data taken from One to One’s Quality report 2014/2015