Celebrating Father's Day


As we celebrate Father’s Day a dad has spoken of the care he and his partner received by their One to One midwife.

Company director Owen Davies and his partner Meghan Hazell used One to One for the birth of their first daughter Sophie last month.

Owen, 31, said: “Following a One to One introduction session we decided to sign up to their service. My partner was 14 weeks and we were keen to explore a home birth.

“One to One seemed to support this and offer continuity of care with a dedicated midwife and home-based service.

“My partner created a birth preference list which I fully supported, as did our midwife Chloe Benson. The birth preferences included a water birth and as little medical intervention as possible.

“We had a successful and straight forward water birth at home, six hours in total.

“It was all very natural from start to finish, Chloe and Naomi were fantastic and reassuring.

“I was able to offer my partner the support she needed and being at home we were both much more relaxed than we would have been in a hospital environment.

“We both agreed if my partner had chosen to go into hospital when the contractions were very strong it is unlikely (due to the change in environment and increase in anxiety) the labour would have continued to progress at a steady and calm pace.”

Owen, who lives in Upton, Wirral, cites the strong bond with midwife Chloe as a key factor in the couple’s positive pregnancy and birth experience.

Owen said: “By offering antenatal home appointments at a convenient time for us meant I could make all of them and fit the appointments around my work.

“Having one midwife I built up a positive relationship with Chloe and felt comfortable asking any questions regarding the labour and birth.

“I know it was really important to my partner to have a dedicated midwife with a holistic approach from start to finish.

“Hypnobirthing as our antenatal was just what we wanted and was really informative. “There were lots of positive affirmations stuck around our house!”

Asked if he and his partner would recommend One to One, Owen said: “Yes. It is a unique service and I truly believe helps to reduce the long-drawn out labours associated with hospital births and their clinical environments.”