National Maternity Review


Release date: 23rd February 2016

One to One Midwives are delighted with the release of the report from the National Maternity Review.

One to One have provided a midwifery service focused on continuity of carer for over 5 years, this personalised care approach has been a choice option for women across Cheshire and Merseyside and in some areas of Essex for over 6000 women but it has been available under a postcode lottery. What the Report recommends is that these traditional geographical boundaries will be removed and access to this care will become more widely available and real choice will become a reality for all women and their families.

One to One Midwives believe that we are already on our way to delivering what the Report recommends: a personalised care plan, with care wrapped around the woman and her family; true continuity of carer with women having a known and trusted midwife throughout the whole of her pregnancy, birth and up to 6 weeks after the baby is born; our midwives cross boundaries and can follow the women wherever they choose or need to access care and we now welcome the opportunity to work alongside NHS England and the Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide women with choice.

During the past five years, our outcomes have proven beyond question that the One to One continuity of carer model achieves safer outcomes for women and their babies and ensures a more satisfying and empowering birth experience.

Read the National Maternity Report here: