A positive home birth experience

I wanted to share my One to One birth story with you all.

I met my lovely midwife Adelaide back in June when we found out we were expecting baby number 2.

My labour began on the morning of the 10th January (my due date!). We arranged child care for our 2-year old daughter when we realised that these were more than just twinges. I spent the day just relaxing at home, watching Friends and bouncing on my ball! In the afternoon I tried to get some rest between surges so laid down on the bed. I used the hypnobirthing techniques that I had learnt from the One to One course. They really helped me focus on something during a surge. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening upstairs on my own listening to music. I really liked having my own space where I could zone out into labour land.

The surges were becoming stronger, so I put on my tens machine which was amazing. Never used one before but I don’t think I could have done it without it now. By 19.00 the surges were getting stronger and a lot closer together, so we called Adelaide who said she’d pop round to do an assessment. She stayed for an hour, said we were doing great and she’d just leave us to it. This hands-off approach was the complete opposite to what I had experienced in hospital with my first, but I truly think this helped me cope better with the surges. It kept my oxytocin levels flowing and I felt calm and in control. I carried on as I was with the tens machine and my hypnobirthing breathing. I kept visualising blowing bubbles and them rising upwards.

By 22.00 the surges were becoming intense and changing slightly moving to more of a downwards pressure. I asked my husband to fill the pool. I ended up on all fours on the bath room floor where my waters broke. I got my husband to call Adelaide and asked her to come back. At this point I was sure I was going to deliver the baby on the bathroom floor! Adelaide arrived around 22.45 but was just in the background observing. Again, this hands-off approach was just what I needed. I was still breathing through the surges and needed my own space. I started to feel the urge to push so wanted to get into the pool. Adelaide and my husband helped me down stairs between a surge and got me into the pool. It felt so good to get in! I then spent around the next hour using the downwards breathing technique and I could actually feel her moving down. Adelaide called for a second midwife who was Debi, but before we knew it the head was born and with the next surge her body. I will never forget reaching down and picking her up out of the water. Such an amazing moment.

Matilda Olive Jago was born at home at 23.45 on her due date weighing 9lbs. Couldn’t quite believe I did it with no pain relief! We then just sat back in the pool where she latched on straight away. It was exactly how I had imagined it be and more. It was such an amazing experience, I never thought I’d say that about giving birth!

After delivering the placenta I started to feel a bit faint and light headed. My BP had dropped too low, so Adelaide and Debi advised that the best thing to do was to go to hospital. After a couple of units of blood and an overnight stay I was feeling much better. Even with a hospital transfer at the end, I still had an amazing positive birth experience. From the very start Adelaide has been so supportive and encouraging of making informed choices about the pregnancy and the birth. I have felt in control throughout the whole pregnancy and during labour too. This is definitely down to the support we received from Adelaide and One to One.

I want to say a huge thank you to Adelaide who does an amazing job and Debi for looking after us after the birth. Also, to Sarah and Nicola for the feeding advice. It’s so nice to feel so supported. I only wish that all pregnant women and their families could receive care like this.