Chester Hombirth

I had my first baby in a birthing centre in slough almost 4 years ago. It wasn’t an awful experience but there was no ‘one to one’ care. I never saw the same midwife twice, and my labour felt slow and long, and I was told my contractions weren’t strong enough. I was ‘only’ 4cms and constantly being sent home. All the back and forth was frustrating.

I moved to Chester 3 years ago and when I fell pregnant did the usual self-referral to the hospital. With a cold first booking appointment. A friend of mine suggested I look up One to One Midwives and consider moving over to them. After registering my interest online, I had a phone call right away from Kim and a visit to my home. I instantly warmed to her and knew straight away from her care and knowledge that I could trust this midwife and wanted to go on this journey with her.

Kim was there for me my whole pregnancy, every text of reassurance, every appointment at my house, every worry or concern she was there and so understanding. I wouldn’t have dreamed of having a homebirth if it wasn’t for Kim, but I knew this amazing woman had to help me deliver my baby and I couldn’t get to the end of my journey and just go into hospital and have someone else look after me.

The information I was given for homebirth gave me nothing but confidence along with the £35 hypnobirthing course! Sally was fantastic at teaching this and gave me even more confidence and tools to go away and prepare for a home birth.

The day of my labour, I started contracting but they were slow, inconsistent, speeding up then slowing down. Kim was there for every text and bit of advice. She called me and told me to go and rest! So, I went and laid down focused on my hypnobirthing and everything followed from there. They increased more and more until my waters went again whilst on the phone to Kim - with me every step of the way! My husband filled the pool whilst Kim made her way over. I got into the pool and my body was pushing, but baby wouldn’t come. Kim did a quick check to say my cervix wasn’t quite fully dilated and I needed to just relax for 15 minutes. I did however start to panic but Kim totally calmed me, reassured me gave me some gas and air to slow my breathing down and she was spot on! 15 minutes later baby was born.

I will never forget this amazing experience with One to One and with Kim. I believe that being at home has also aided such a quick recovery with minimal pain and I was feeling back to myself within a week. Kim made my homebirth a possibility. She gave me confidence and trust and also calmness. I didn’t need to worry about anything and I’m truly grateful for the experience.