Chester’s amazing welcome to the world

Wow! What an absolutely amazing experience. I’m actually really sad that my weekly visits from my amazing midwife Sarah has come to an end and it baffles me why anybody would choose any other type of care.

This was my second pregnancy and at all of my appointments everybody included my other little boy, Cooper, who is 3. Cooper helped find his baby brothers heart beat in mummy’s tummy and loved seeing him in the scans. I honestly believe that this has really helped cement the amazing bond that my boys now have, and Cooper is now the proud and protective big brother.

I went into labour about 9pm on Boxing Day. I started with a few minor pains and kept talking myself out of them being contractions, although I did secretly start timing them as I didn’t want to panic my husband if it was a false alarm. I think it took about 15 contractions at 8 minutes apart for me to believe that it was happening, and I laughed as I broke the news, as I was so excited to finally meet our second little boy! I called our midwife Sarah and she advised us to try and get some rest and to let her know if anything progressed.

For the rest of the night I just pottered around the house, bounced on my birthing ball and at about 4am decided to go and run myself a bath. I called Sarah to ask when I should let her know when to come as my contractions were now about 5 minutes apart. She advised me to keep doing what I was doing and to call her if they got to every 3 minutes apart. At about 5am I said to my husband it’s happening now. The pains had got really quite bad and although the contractions were still every 5 mins apart, I knew baby was on his way. We called Sarah and she came almost immediately. She asked if I wanted her to examine me, but I preferred that she didn’t knowing how close I was and just wanted to let my body do what it needed to.

Sarah started setting up the pool while I just breathed through the contractions. After the first contraction Sarah asked if I could feel pressure down below, which I could. She came and rubbed my back until the contraction passed. The next contraction that came I had the urge to push and Sarah again just said go with what my body wanted, so I did. I think at this point the hose had just gone into the birthing pool to start filling it up. As I started to push Sarah took down my pyjama bottoms and my baby’s head was out. In the same contraction and with one push our beautiful baby boy Chester Brady Reddock was born at 6.43am weighing 6lb 14oz!

I honestly do not know how Sarah managed it but I’m pretty sure she turned into an octopus and grew at least another 10 arms as I was sitting on my brand new cream carpet when I delivered Chester and somehow not only did she catch Chester as he was born, but she also protected every single bit of mess from getting onto my carpet! After the placenta was delivered, we were left to enjoy our little boy and my husband, and I did skin to skin. It was so magical!

I couldn’t quite believe Cooper had been asleep upstairs through the whole thing and was so excited for him to wake up so he could come and meet the newest addition to the family. Sarah and Julia cleared up everything from the birth and Sarah said she would be back in the afternoon to check on us and we waited for Cooper to wake up! He is an early riser normally but the one day we wanted him to wake up he decided to have a nice lie in and didn’t get up until 10am!! My husband Ben went upstairs and told him there was somebody downstairs that we wanted him to meet, his first response was ‘is it Santa?’ but he was even more excited to find out it was baby Chester!

The care after my birth has been phenomenal and Sammy is a credit to your team and helped me with all my breastfeeding needs! Amazing care, amazing service and amazing people! Thank you so much for everything!