Wonderful unexpected birth at home

I heard about One to One Midwives a few weeks after I’d signed up with the community midwives but decided to give them a try after hearing such good feedback. It was the best decision I could have made.

I was a nervous pregnant lady after my first birth, it wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t the best. I went 31 hours and ended up having a forceps delivery in theatre so didn’t feel the birth (just the long drawn out labour). Anyway, this all contributed to me having a fear of birthing again but I was reassured and had nothing but positivity presented to me in the form of my lovely midwife Grace at One to One.

Throughout the whole of my pregnancy Grace looked after me, telling me I was one of the ladies she was least worried about. She came and visited me, included my daughter in her checks letting her know exactly what she was doing to “mummy” and letting her help. Grace got to know not just me but my family, so when it came time for the birth it was just fab.

I planned to have my baby boy at hospital just because I was worried about what could happen, and I wanted to be near the doctors if there was an emergency. I was on course for the positioning of the baby to be ready for the best birth possible, and exercises to get him in the right position, and I was also offered and took up the offer to have reflexology and aromatherapy before going down the route of having a sweep. I took up the offer and the day I was booked in I must have started in slow labour but the midwives who saw me didn’t let on they knew. They kept me calm and didn’t tell me they thought I was in labour as I think they must have known I’d panic.

I went home feeling relaxed after my treatment but a little upset as my contractions had stopped and I felt uneasy and rubbish. Little did I know I’d wake up at 2am the next morning with full blown contractions (again unknown to me that they were full blown!), I thought I had a long while to go so called Grace and asked her to come to me as I wanted her to reassure me before the trip to hospital and for what I thought was the start of a very long labour. When Grace arrived, I must have been very well a long, but she was so calm, she didn’t insist on checking my dilation but just went about her usual checks from all her previous visits and when I said I couldn’t go on anymore and wanted an epidural she suggested I’d have to go to hospital for that. Subconsciously I knew I couldn’t go so refused as I felt very confident that Grace would look after me at home and that I could do the birth unassisted (despite whatever was coming out of my mouth).

I ended up having the baby not very long after Grace arrived maybe just over an hour and a half of her getting there. Grace kept her cool, she believed I could do it and she made me believe in myself too. I’m still amazed at how I didn’t panic and how I managed to give birth unexpectedly at home. It was quick and it was magical even though I was on the floor of my ensuite when I gave birth.

The aftercare was amazing too, having your midwife with you for 6 weeks means they see your little one through the most critical weeks and for mummy too. I have been so happy and so grateful to One to One Midwives for sending such a lovely midwife into our lives, one we won’t ever forget.