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Who are One to One Midwives?

One to One Midwives are an NHS accredited midwifery service providing caseloading and team midwifery in the community. One to One provides a woman with a dedicated midwife throughout pregnancy who will provide all the antenatal, birth (if a homebirth is chosen) and postnatal midwifery services. One to One Midwives is insured by the NHS Litigation Authority who insures NHS hospitals and has also been fully assessed and assured by the NHS Care Quality Commission (CQC). The service was founded by a midwife and manages ‘all risk’ women in partnership with health and social services.

One to One midwives are currently commissioned for self-referral by 9 Clinical Commissioning Groups including, Liverpool, Northeast Essex, South Cheshire, South Sefton, Southport and Formby, Vale Royal, Warrington, West Cheshire and Wirral. 

One to One Midwives have safely looked after over 10,000 women across the North of England and Essex over the last 7 years. The service aims not to replace the local NHS hospital midwifery service but compliment local provision by offering an alternative model of care.

One to One Midwives also work as part of the existing local maternity services so if women need to see an obstetrician or a doctor their One to One midwife will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that care is safe and that women can have obstetric appointments with a local hospital that they choose. 

The service can have a real impact on areas of deprivation and on women who are considered vulnerable. 

This enhanced service from One to One is provided on the National Maternity Tariff and costs no more than hospital maternity services. One to One believes this model of care should be made available and free to all women. 

What do One to One Midwives offer?

One to One are not the same as traditional NHS midwifery services. One to One provides an enhanced community based caseloading and team midwifery service with a clear focus on normality of pregnancy through a continuity of care model. This focus has already proved very successful to over 10,000 women and the One to One service has the best normality outcomes in the UK. Examples of these outcomes include:

This enhanced service from One to One is provided at national maternity pbr Tarff so costs no more than hospital 
maternity services. Also One to One midwives do not take on paying women. One to One believes this model of care should be made available free to all women. It is the organisation vision for One to One to support such a model being available to all women everywhere.

The One to One Quality Account 2015 – 2016 can be downloaded from the right hand navigation which gives more detail regarding One to One outcomes.

What can my patients expect with One to One?

  • One to One is a FREE service commissioned by the NHS.
  • A named midwife
  • Appointment times at home to suit the needs of women and their families (evenings and weekends are offered)
  • No set appointment slots (the average length of a One to One appointment is 50 minutes)
  • Hypnobirthing and Parent Education classes
  • Scan clinics based in the local community
  • 24 hour 7 days a week access to a midwife
  • Support in choosing a place to give birth
  • 6 weeks postnatal care, including all of the newborn assessments; breastfeeding support and early baby care guidance. 

One to One Midwives work in a caseloading or team model of care which is proven to reduce postnatal depression, increase confidence and make women feel empowered to take control of their pregnancy and make decisions that are best for them and their family. Having a dedicated named midwife to support women leads to a happier, stress-free pregnancy so they have the best start when their new baby arrives.

With One to One women are not required to decide on place of birth until late on in the pregnancy and can choose any local hospital, their home or they can birth in a community-based midwifery led birthing unit (if available). 

Working with Personal Maternity Care Budgets (PMCB)

The PMCB (Personal Maternity Care Budget) is one of the first steps to fulfilling one of the recommendations for the transformation of maternity services in the Better Births Report 2016. 

Better Births recommends that all women should have personalised care, centred on the woman, her baby and her family, based around their needs and their decisions, where they have genuine choice. Better Births also set out a vision that women should be able to choose the provider of their antenatal, birth and postnatal care and be in control of exercising those choices through their own NHS Personal Maternity Care Budget. One to One have been working to the above specifications since 2010 and have ensured that all women are given informed choice about the care they can receive at every stage during their pregnancy and beyond.

Evidence shows that the choice women have regarding maternity providers across the country varies and NHS England want CCG’s to widen the choice offered across CCG boundaries and deepen the choice offered to women and their families. 

One to One are working alongside the Clinical Commissioning Groups and GP’s in Northeast Essex and the Northwest of England to ensure the PMCB is a tool used to support the choices that a woman makes amongst providers and services offered by the local CCG and will continue to ensure that all women receive informed choice. 

How do One to One link in and communicate with local services?

After a referral is received, One to One will make contact with the woman and commence care. Soon after the booking appointment the One to One midwife will inform the GP and local hospital if it has been identified as the place of the birth.

Women who are high risk will be given a joint care-plan that will have input as required from the GP, the woman, the One to One midwife, the local obstetrician and local specialist e.g. endocrinologist for diabetes. The midwife will accompany the women to all her hospital visits to ensure the agreed plan is followed and will manage the care. Information, results etc. will be shared with all those involved. 

For women with social issues, the One to One midwife will link in with local safeguarding, social care, health visiting, public health and any other bodies that require input. As the level of care from the One to One midwife is high then the woman is able to have regular input and therefore regular assessments of need. 

How do I refer my patients?

If One to One is commissioned in your area you can:
  • Call us on 0330 3309 121
  • Enquire via our website at:
  • Send through the attached Referral Form and fax it to 0330 3309 212
  • Via the e-Referral system

  • If One to One are not commissioned…

    As a GP do you want your local women to benefit from the best outcomes in the UK?

    As a GP should you be speaking to your CCG and asking how can this service be properly commissioned in your area?

    Further information can be found by contacting:


    Make an enquiry via our website at:
    Telephone: 0330 3309 121