To put the woman at the centre of care respecting her human rights and the right to self determination, empowering her to be part of the decision making process and ultimately a positive birthing memory.


  • One to One constantly strives for and works to achieve excellence in both clinical midwifery care and in business operational management.
  • We recognise that excellence means different things to different people within different organizations and cultures. Therefore, One to One will define ‘Excellence’ clearly, concisely, verbally, visually and in the written word in all that we do. This includes how we speak, the language we use, our appearance and our professionalism.
  • One to One has a pioneering and creative spirit that sets us apart, we are resolute in our passion to be the best we can be to lead the world in the art and science of midwifery, to be synonymous with excellence and innovation. 

  • Safety

    • Safety is THE first and foremost crucial aspect of everything that we do. It is embedded in the One to One ethos and philosophy of care.
    • All clinical care puts the safety of women and their babies at the forefront of all clinical decision making.
    • We are committed to delivering a high quality service that empowers: staff, the women and families that come under our care.
    • We consider the wider demographic and epidemiological needs of our families and incorporate those needs into practice.
    • We acknowledge that evidence based practice can be derived from qualitative and quantative research not only from a national and global perspective, but also from the women themselves.We believe discovery and exploration are the driving force to quality evidenced based care.

    Woman Centred

    • Purely and simply the woman is at the very centre of everything that we do.
    • All clinical care, processes and systems place the woman at the very centre.
    • Every decision, whether clinical or business, puts the woman and her family first.
    • We will advocate, support and empower women in our care in a non-judgemental and inclusive manner.


    • One to One is built on a foundation based on honesty, courage, integrity and respect. An organisational culture where accountability and moral responsibility are an absolute imperative.
    • Any partner can be confident that One to One place integrity at the very heart of all its business practices. If we cannot deliver on something – we say so! If we make a mistake – we acknowledge and learn from it.
    • At all times we will act with respect, integrity, reliability and responsibility, we will: carry out our role in a responsible and professional manner; respect at all times our colleagues whether they are our peers or our managers; always treat each other in a positive way and give feedback positively and constructively 


    • One to One recognizes that midwives are at the very heart of our vision for the future of maternity services. Midwives should be valued and recognized as a true professional and the guardians and experts in normal birth.
    • At One to One we employ only the best. Midwives who are dedicated, who honour the relationship they have with women, midwives who are privileged to be part of a woman’s birthing experience. Who loyally promote our philosophy with enthusiasm, with passion and with pride.
    • We respect all our midwives and value their contributions
    • We empower our talented staff to take the initiative and to do what is right
    • We are committed to excellence in midwifery care through autonomous practice that promotes lifelong learning, integrating evidence, research and ethically based principles.
    • We will reclaim our profession and be known as the gold standard of care throughout the UK and beyond. At One to One we encourage originality and inventiveness we celebrate success and reward achievement.