One to One have a dedicated Safeguarding department who are responsible for the safeguarding remit of both vulnerable adults and children. 

Supporting, Guiding, Protecting

Safeguarding Statement

The safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults are of paramount importance to One to One Northwest Ltd.

One to One Northwest Ltd ensure that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is given priority and is discharged effectively across the whole service by:

- Having a dedicated safeguarding team of passionate individuals working to support staff across the organisation deliver the gold standard care across the service and to ensure that safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is at the forefront of their work ethic.
- Adherence to internal and external quality assurance processes.
- Ensuring that staff are confident and supported in their practice through robust safeguarding supervision processes.
- Ensuring senior safeguarding staff are available provide advice and senior support when required.
- Provision of a safeguarding leaflet to every service user at booking to explain the information sharing and duty of care of the One to One midwife.
- Polices and procedures for staff to follow to ensure best practice.
- Information sharing pathways and communication agreements with partner agencies.
- Providing access to safeguarding training to meet the needs of the staff member.

Meet the Team:

Head of Safeguarding – Katie Wainwright

Katie has been working at One to One since August 2010 and is the Head of Safeguarding, leading a team of dedicated, passionate individuals to support the midwives caring for women and their families from a safeguarding perspective.

Katie is responsible for the contractual/statutory assurance framework and for ensuring that the day-to-day processes internally support and guide the work the midwives, MaMAs and all staff provide for women and their families every day. In addition to ensuring that “Safeguarding is everybody’s business” is the message and belief held by every member of staff at One to One – from the administrative and support staff all the way up to the Board.

Safeguarding Midwife – Jennifer Morrison

Jen has the amazing opportunity of being the safeguarding midwife at One to One. She came into post in September 2016, after working for the company since 2012. She is hugely passionate about safeguarding and when the opportunity came to be a safeguarding midwife, it was ultimately the new direction her career would follow.

Her family and work life are equally as busy, Jen is a mum to three children, two of whom are football enthusiasts and one who has just mastered how to walk. When She’s not mum you will find her during working hours supporting hard working, dedicated midwives who hold safeguarding cases. She works closely with the head of safeguarding to ensure the smooth, day to day running of the department. Jen also liaises closely with many professionals, GP’S, Health Visitor’s, Children’s services, building pathways and relationships to ensure the very best quality of care is provided to all our families. 

It’s no easy task, however the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children is paramount and is at the heart of everything we do at the safeguarding department. The role is extremely challenging at times, however to know we have contributed to ensuring babies and children are safe from harm is very rewarding.

Primary Care Lead/Safeguarding Supervisor – Moira Ferguson

Moira is married and has three children. She trained as a Registered General Nurse in Barking Havering and Brentwood school of Nursing, Romford, qualifying in 1991. Since qualifying, she has worked in a various general nursing posts at Oldchurch Hospital in Essex, Withington Hospital in Manchester, Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral and spent a brief period working abroad in Germany. 

In 2001 she worked as a Telephone Triage Nurse practitioner for NHS Direct and also at a GP out of hours service, before completing a Health Visitor Degree in 2003. After qualifying, Moira has worked as a Health Visitor for 10 years in the Ellesmere Port area in Western Cheshire, before joining One to One midwives as a Primary care lead and Safeguarding Supervisor. 

While working as a health visitor, she gained a wealth of experience in supporting families with complex social and health needs, which she brings to her current role. As a safeguarding supervisor, Moira promotes effective and accessible supervision to promote the practice of critical thinking with the One to One midwives, which is essential to gain a holistic understanding of the safeguarding cases, to complete assessments, and to subsequently provide appropriate care and intervention if required.

Safeguarding – Ailsa Gaskill Jones

Ailsa has been a Safeguarding Practitioner since November 2017. She has worked for One to One Midwives since January 2017, prior to that she worked at University Hospital South Manchester which is also where she completed her placements when training to become a midwife at the University of Manchester.

Ailsa is passionate about supporting women and their families during their pregnancies and early parenthood and is very grateful to work in a model of care which puts continuity of carer at the heart of the organisation. Away from midwifery Ailsa is very active in her local community both as a Winsford Town Councillor and as Chair of Wellbeing Winsford, a multi-agency collaborative initiative which seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of Winsford. Ailsa has a very patient husband and three daughters who seem to growing up far too quickly! As a safeguarding Practitioner, Ailsa enjoys supporting midwives in managing safeguarding cases and supporting them as they develop the skills and knowledge needed when caring for families with sometimes very complex social needs. Ailsa believes the continuity model of care offered by One to One Midwives provides the opportunity to care for these families in a positive and family centred way which supports the women whilst also ensuring some of the most vulnerable in our community are protected and safe from harm.

Department overview

“Effective intervention which encourages the right response, at the right time for children and families to ensure they have the best possible chance to reach their full potential”


The One to One Safeguarding department ensure that the policies and procedures/processes are in place to enable the midwives to provide the best possible care with a focus on safeguarding at all times. These documents include:
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Information sharing
  • Domestic Abuse (for Clients & Staff)
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Safeguarding Process & Safeguarding Supervision
  • These documents are underpinned by a Safeguarding Strategy that focuses the Safeguarding department in a uniformed direction.

These are readily available and accessible for all One to One Staff on the Safeguarding section of the company intranet, and on practitioners iPads.

All policy/process documents can be accessed by sending a request to the Safeguarding team – see contact details section. 

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All staff working for One to One have a DBS check before commencing employment, which is renewed every three years. 

Staffs who are involved in recruitment have been trained in Safer Recruitment.

Safeguarding Training

One to One has a Learning and Development Strategy for Safeguarding, which underpins all training and outlines the requirements for every member of staff to achieve. This is based upon the ‘safeguarding children and young people: roles and competences for health care staff - Intercollegiate Document, 2014’

All staff at One to One are trained to Level 1 in Safeguarding Adults and Children. 

There is further training at levels 2 and 3 for support staff, and clinical midwifery staff to be compliant. There is a mixture of in house training, and training accessed from the Local Safeguarding Boards. 

All midwives have a Safeguarding Passport, which details their requirements, and allows room to document all their training and monitor their compliancy. 

Safeguarding Supervision

Safeguarding Supervision is an accountable process, which supports, assures and develops the knowledge, skills and values of an individual, group or team. Its purpose is to improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed outcomes (Providing Effective Supervision: Skills for Care & CWDC 2007). 

It is central to the process of learning and to the expansion of the scope of practice and should be seen as a means of encouraging self-assessment and analytical and reflective skills (NHSME A Vision for the Future, HMSO 1993). 

Safeguarding Supervision is carried out by a Safeguarding Supervisor within One to One who is an individual who has undertaken a supervision skills course and is experienced in the field of safeguarding. 

Safeguarding supervision is mandatory for all caseloading midwives regardless of whether they have active safeguarding cases or not. Safeguarding supervision must be accessed every three months regardless of caseload or safeguarding activities, and this is increased to monthly for midwives who have active cases. Staff may be seen more frequently under special circumstance e.g. new staff, anxious staff, and staff under extraordinary pressure. This will be at the discretion of the supervisor, and in collaboration with the supervisee. 

One to One Midwives have a Safeguarding Passport detailing their Safeguarding supervision responsibilities and provide an area to document their sessions. There is also a chapter on reflection and an area to document this. Reflection is key to supervision and maintaining open, but enquiring minds, to critically analyse situations and have clear decision making processes. 

Safeguarding assurance

One to One provides Safeguarding assurance internally and externally. This is done in a variety of ways; 

Safeguarding quarterly newsletter – contains important information from the department, including release of new polices, lessons learnt, and important upcoming dates. It also celebrates successes, and focuses on different topics each edition. This newsletter is circulated to the whole organisation.

Section 11 & Adult Safeguarding Audits – completed and reviewed and monitored externally by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Safeguarding staff. 

Safeguarding is reviewed and assessed annually by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with outcomes and any actions forming part of the overall company report. 

Safeguarding Dashboards containing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and compliance are reviewed both internally and externally to provide assurance on Safeguarding. 

The Safeguarding department have a chapter in the One to One Annual Quality Account, and from April 2018 will have a stand alone Safeguarding Annual Report, which will be shared internally and externally. 

There are annual safeguarding audits carried out internally to ensure that the policies/procedures and processes are being followed, taking into account staff understanding and views to ensure that changes and improvements can be made as necessary. 

Contact details

The One to One Safeguarding department can be contacted via:
Phone – Main line 0330 3309 121
Email –

Links/further information

One to One give out the following leaflet to all service users when they book with us detailing what they can expect with regard to safeguarding and the duties of a midwife: 

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

PDF leaflet 
Together we can end FGM pocket size card 

Domestic Abuse

Disclosure scheme from police

Social media safety



Video for Professionals 

Safeguarding Adults

Hate/Mate crime booklet 

Asylum Seekers/refugees and unaccompanied children

In the UK there are currently some 5,000 unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people who are being looked after or supported by local authorities.

Mental Capacity Act


Deprivation of liberty


PREVENT Strategy