Who are One to One Midwives?

One to One Midwives are a caseloading midwifery service, commissioned by the NHS to provide our service in the community. Since our inception, over 7 years ago, One to One have reinvented caseloading midwifery by providing a FREE personalised service that places women and their families at the heart of everything we do. Our service is delivered by teams of passionate, highly motivated midwives who are experts in all aspects of midwifery led care, and who will guide and support you through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, ensuring that you transition into parenthood as confident and competent parents.

The One to One service provides each woman with a named, dedicated midwife, who will provide the vast majority of your care through the antenatal period, birth (if you choose a homebirth) and throughout your postnatal care. Our midwives achieve over 90% continuity of carer, this means that for over 90% of your care you will see your dedicated midwife. This builds a relationship based on mutual trust and respect which will ensure that you and your partner become active participants and decision makers in your care.

One to One was founded by a midwife and is led by a team of senior experts, including midwives, who have many years of experience in their chosen fields. We ensure that in order for us to provide individualised, personal care to our women and their families based on their needs and choices, we work in partnership with multiple organisations, including your GP, and the local hospital for those women who require specialist input from other services, which may include an obstetrician or a neonatologist. Our service does not replace local NHS services but complements local provision by offering women a choice with an alternative model of community midwifery care.

One to One have professional indemnity through the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST). This Scheme is used by the majority of NHS providers and we are also regulated by the Care Quality commission.

To date, One to One Midwives have provided our service to over 10,000 women and their families and achieve safe, excellent outcomes evidenced by our high normal birth rate, low caesarean section rate, low premature birth rate and low neonatal admission rate. Women rate our service very highly and we have some wonderful birth stories which you can access on our ‘Stories’ page.