Birth Plans

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a record which lets the people who will be present at your birth know what your preferences are in regard to the birth of your baby. Your birth plan will be personal to you, as no woman is the same, and you can write down your feelings and priorities for the birth. Completing a birth plan can help you and your family to work out what you feel strongly about and to make sure that the team present at your birth understand your choices and wishes. 

How to complete your birth plan

One to One Midwives have printable birth plan templates which can be downloaded from our website or emailed to you by your One to One midwife. 

These templates can be used to write down your preferences for your birth. You may wish to fill your birth plan with your birth partner, with or without your One to One midwife present. If you have any questions about your choices in regard to your birth experience your midwife will be happy to discuss these with you and to assist you in completing your birth plan. 

Elective caesarean section birth plan

If you are planning an elective caesarean section, you still have many choices in regard to your birth. One to One midwives have a printable birth plan especially for women who are planning an elective caesarean section.

Natural Birth Plan Natural Birth Plan (97 KB)