Midwifery Services in South Cheshire

One to One Midwives are free to all NHS patients and are available under South Cheshire and Vale Royal Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which covers the following areas:

  • Alsager
  • Crewe
  • Middlewich
  • Nantwich
  • Northwich
  • Sandbach
  • Winsford

One to One Midwives provide a community based midwifery service with continuity and choice at the heart of everything we do. When you first access One to One you will be allocated a named midwife who will be the lead caregiver throughout your pregnancy, birth (if you choose a homebirth) and for 6 weeks of postnatal care. 

Your One to One midwife will be available over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and when she is on holiday her ‘buddy’ will be available instead. 

Care takes place in your homes (or location of your choice) at times to suit your needs and the vast majority of visits take place in the evening or at weekends to ensure that your partners are also active participants in the care. There are no limits to the number of visits and you and midwife will agree how often the visits should take place to meet the individual needs of your family. 

Our service is completely free of charge and you can self refer to us in the following ways: 

Call us on: 0330 3309 121
Via our website: http://www.onetoonemidwives.org/enquiries
Via your GP
Via our Crewe Pregnancy Advice Centre

Our Pregnancy Advice Centre 

One to One Midwives opened their Crewe Pregnancy Advice Centre in December 2014 and provide a one-stop venue for everything a woman and her family need during pregnancy and once she has had her baby. Situated within Crewe Town Centre, the Pregnancy Advice Centre provides maternity care that is more accessible and convenient to women; with opening hours to fit around people’s busy lives.

What we offer:

  • Scanning
  • Obstetric Clinic
  • Parent Education Classes
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Feeding support
  • Various parent and baby groups

To see what classes and courses are running throughout the month visit our Advice Centre page at: http://www.onetoonemidwives.org/pregnancy-advice-centre-crewe-services 

Scan clinics: Your One to One midwife will be able to give you further information on our scan clinics and will be responsible for booking your appointments.


Where is the Advice Centre located?

The full address of our Crewe Pregnancy Advice Centre is: 249 - 251 Eddleston Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7EA. 

Is the Advice Centre open during the weekend?

The opening hours of our Advice Centre can be found below: 
Monday: 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday: 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday: 9AM - 5PM 
Thursday: 9AM - 5PM 
Friday: 9AM - 5PM 
Saturday: 9AM - 4PM 
Sunday: Closed 

Can I call the Advice Centre to refer to the service?

You can call us on 01270 749 120 or you can stop by and refer in person! 

Do scans take place at the Advice Centre?

Yes! Your One to One midwife will be able to give you further information on our scan clinics and will be responsible for booking your appointments. 

Can my One to One midwife deliver my baby at the hospital?

One to One Midwives are not able to deliver your baby in a hospital but can be there to act as advocates of support. 

Is there a charge to attending the classes, courses and groups at the Advice Centre?

All One to One classes and courses are completely FREE to attend. 

How do I book onto the One to One Hypnobirthing course?

To find out more about our hypnobirthing course and availability in your area, visit: http://www.onetoonemidwives.org/Hypnobirthing_Calendar

How do I book on to the Active Birth/Parent Education class?

To find out more about our Active Birth and Parent Education Classes, visit: http://www.onetoonemidwives.org/Parent_Education_classes