Our Philosophy

To put the woman at the centre of care respecting her human rights and the right to self-determination, empowering her to be part of the decision-making process and ultimately a positive birthing memory.

Excellence Safety Woman Centred Professional  Integrity 

Who we Are

One to One provide a community caseloading model of care based on the concept that birth is a normal life event within the context of a social model of health and wellness. Guided by humanistic principles, One to One midwives work in partnership with mothers to deliver safe, evidence-based care that empowers women to be active participants in their birth. The midwife’s role encompasses lead professional status guiding women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood as normal physiological processes.

Our tight-knit teams comprise of passionate, self-driven midwives and mamas who strive to deliver a gold standard of care to our women and their families. The One to One model of care requires community-based midwives to carry a caseload of thirty-two women providing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 52 weeks of the year. Our midwives use a diary management system that is flexible to both the needs and preferences of mothers and midwives, working with the buddy system to support each other in pairs or small groups.

Why work for us?

Are you enthusiastic about midwifery? Are you passionate about continuity of care and empowering women? We are looking for hard-working, highly-skilled midwives to join our team.  Our employees, including our volunteers, are our most important assets. We care about or employees and we know that how much they value One to One has an impact on how the company performs.

Birth Type

One to One



Normal Birth in Hospital




Induction of Labour




Instrumental Birth




Total Caesarean Section (All Births)




Planned Caesarean Section Rate




Unplanned Caesarean Section Rate




Data: Birth Choice UK 2013, One to One (North West) limited 2015; Birth Place Study 2011

If you are aligned with our values and are motivated to deliver results we would like to hear from you.
For further information on careers and how to apply for a role at One to One Midwives please contact recruitment@121midwives.co.uk