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27 Jan

Good Cause

I'm good at starting things.

Like really good... just look in my loft! I've started sewing projects, eBay projects, and even various attempts at organizing my half completed projects!

But then I decided to actually finish something! I mean really finish something... like properly from beginning to end. It was flipping hard and the journey was littered with drama, tears of joy and tears of frustration, but somehow and against all odds it seemed, I finished and actually did it... it worked!! These inital efforts were academically related, so I then decided to set myself a physical challenge... and that worked too!! In that instance, finishing was paramount and time not important.

So this time, I have set myself an absolutely crazy challenge! Not only will my personal challenge require mental and physical strength to actually finish, said mental and physical tenacity has to get me there in JUST TWENTY FOUR HOURS!!

Yep, you read right! Three months ago, I didn't even own a bike... four months ago, I declared my outright hatred for cycling. But now, on 4-5 July 2014, I will be cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours!

(Dont worry Rosie, I'll put my holiday request form in straight away I promise)

Let me put that into context for you... that's 280 miles of false flats, no sleep, steep hills, peeing in my bib shorts, crazy French drivers, possibly cold rain and beating sun... all in just 24 hours!

I do hope it's obvious I'm not just doing this for shits and giggles... I'm actually doing it for Scope, a charity that exists solely to make the lives of disabled people and their families better. My niece, Lilliana Mancillas, Miss Teen Texas United America, has worked for many years working with disabled teens and their families and I have seen what a positive impact she and her peers are making in other peoples' lives. I hope to share her vision and dream and raise money in order to provide much needed services, raising awareness and influencing changes which affect disabled people in our society... but without you my efforts are fruitless.

I know how many of these pages you get links to... I've not been living in a cupboard my whole life. And I also know that we've got a dump government and all their cutbacks and the recession and your neighbour's aunt's dog that needed sending to physio... I get it. But I'm not just asking for your money for nothing in return. For just a couple of quid, I invite you to share my journey. My ups, my downs... my falling downs (guaranteed to be plenty). I have set up a blog to document all of my training, my kit, my rides, my ideas, my fails, my successes... I've even gone so far as to record rides to show you just how hard I am working for your dosh. And I invite you to come along if you fancy it... whether that be commenting on my blog and poking fun or giving me a bit of encouragement, or physically... I ride every chance I get, so if you're out and about and fancy a ride, please do give me a shout.

Thank you for making it this far if indeed you have and not skipped to the end. I promise to put your hard earned dosh to good use. And so do Scope.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes,

Antonia Segura-Walker, One to One Midwife

**Note: To support a good cause and sponsor Antonia please click here:

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