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03 Jul

Midwife of the Year Award

Last year, Our very own One to One Midwife RM Lauren Irving was nominated for The JOHNSON’S® BABY Mums' Midwife of the Year Award, part of the Royal College of Midwives Annual Midwifery Awards, recognises the incredible work carried out by particularly outstanding midwives across the country. It is the only award which allows mums to nominate midwives who they feel provided exceptional support - and guess what? she won!!! Here's what Sarah Critchley, who nominated Lauren for the award, had to say about her.

“Lauren’s expertise allowed me to have a wonderful water birth at home as I had planned and hoped for. She was calm, supportive and professional when helping me and ensured my husband was involved throughout – it felt like we were a little team! The support I received after the birth was incredible too, with Lauren visiting me every day to ensure I could breastfeed Faith properly and it is entirely down to Lauren that I am still breastfeeding 4 months later. Thanks to her skills and emotional support, I coped well with my pregnancy, labour and the transition into motherhood. I realise after speaking to other mums that Lauren went way beyond her duties.”

It's that time of year again and YOU could vote for the midwife who you feel is outstanding! And here's the link

Post provided by Sue Collinson, One to One Midwife

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