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26 Jun

Pets and New Borns

I love it when I knock on a door for the first time and can hear a snuffle, a scuffle or a wuff on the other side. I just know we'll get on (me and the dog, that is . . . I may have to exchange a few word with the human before I come to the same conclusion!)

As any of my pet-owning families will tell you, I always have to greet the dog/cat/rabbit/gecko before I say hello to Mum or Baby, partly because I'm animal crackers, but also because I know that it's important that a dog really needs to feel at ease with any strange and new "goings on" in its environment. I've been asked many times how baby and dog should be introduced and even, sadly, whether the dog should go to make way for the baby :-(

A dog is often the first "child" a young couple will have - ours was - and it's something that does need thinking about quite seriously.

The Dogs Trust has some very good advice at

Tell us about your experience of introducing baby and dog. Do you have any advice to offer?

Now have a laugh at this photo of me with our firstborn and our lovely Border Collie/Springer Spaniel cross, Sheba . . . What year do you think was this taken? (Check out the frames!)

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