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26 Nov

Rebozo Workshop

Last week some of the midwives attended a Rebozo Workshop ran by Selina Wallis a doula and public health researcher. A rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that is long enough to wrap around a woman's body (about 4-5 feet). It is a tool that can be used antenatally and in labour, and also afterwards for 'closing the ones'. It is used to assist the mother into various positions and for relaxation. A large scarf, sheet or piece of fabric can be substituted for a rebozo.

The rebozo acts like an extension of the labor partner's arms, allowing the partner to help support the laboring mother's weight so she doesn't have to. It can also help to ensure the mother through Birthing Naturally is in the right position through Rebozo

On the day we learnt and revised ways to recognise the signs of malposition in pregnancy and labour, and techniques to resolve issues and to help prevent intervention. We learnt many tips about how to use the rebozo to resolve many common and uncommon positioning problems (asyncliticsm, lack of engagement, posterior presentation, nuchal arm, cervical lip). We also had a go at belly dancing, which caused a few laughs, but also helped reinforce how important dance and movement are to birth.

The photographs of the day show midwives practising many of the techniques. We all left the day feeling refreshed, invigorated, and keen to introduce the rebozo into our practice, or with our knowledge refreshed.

More information for parents and midwives for fetal positioning through rebozo-sifting can be found here

Post by Michelle Beacock, One to One midwife

25 Sep

Initial Contact: A Midwife's Story

A woman is at home with her partner and as her period is late, she takes a pregnancy test and realises that her that her life is about to change forever. She is going to be a mummy. She evaluates her options regarding care and decides to contact One to One Midwives as the service they offer sounds amazing. She carefully fills in the referral form which gets sent to a member of staff who will allocate her a midwife.

This is where I come in….

Via email, I get informed that I have a referral requiring contact. I eagerly open the referral. Sometimes there is loads of information to read, a traumatic obstetric history, a new relationship or a first time mummy getting to grips with all the new terminology that comes with pregnancy. Sometimes I only know her name, address and telephone number. It doesn’t matter either way. I am excited to contact this new family so I can start getting to know them.

Nervously, I try the number I have been given. I am wondering, will we get along? Does she have other children and will they like me? Who knows about the pregnancy? Have they told the new grandparents yet or are they waiting until the dating scan? I wait as the phone rings….

…and wait

…and wait

Then the answer machine kicks in. I don’t leave a message as I don’t know who knows about this new baby yet. I’ll try again later. A few hours later, I try again and get the answer machine. Again a few hours later, I try again. I think ‘maybe she thinks I am a PPI company and she is ignoring me’. But this time she answers…

I introduce myself, congratulate her on her wonderful news and explain about the service we offer. That I will be her named midwife. That I am on call for her 24/7 unless I am taking a protected day, in which case if she calls my number, she will reach my buddy who will be happy to talk to her. I tell her that I will provide her total care throughout the antenatal and postnatal period. I also remind her that if she decides that we don’t gel (for whatever reason) then she can contact One to One who will happily reallocate her a different midwife. We chat for a further 20 minutes. I am a bit of chatter box but find that this first contact is so vitally important in establishing the relationship that will grow as the pregnancy grows. We end the call having arranged a booking appointment with her and her partner in her home. I book her in my diary and look forward to sharing this new exciting journey with her and her family.

Post by Catherine Baddeley, One to One Midwife

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