Postnatal Advice and Support

Following the arrival of your newborn baby, your One to One midwife will continue to provide postnatal care immediately after the birth or upon discharge from your chosen hospital or local birth centre. 
Step 6 Midwife Postnatal Advice and Support

One to One understand how exciting and overwhelming becoming a parent can be, so during the first 6 weeks of the postnatal period we are always on hand to offer our support and advice for your early parenting needs. 

You’ll have access to your named midwife for up to six weeks after the birth, or longer if required, ensuring you get the support you need in this exciting new stage. 

The health of you and your baby is central to our post-natal care, which is why we also offer a free range of support and health services. Our health services include examinations for your baby, newborn blood spot screening, 24 hour support for breastfeeding and contraceptive advice. 

We’ll also gently help you get back into shape with our postnatal exercise classes and provide early childcare support and healthy lifestyle advice and for you and your newborn baby in our fun and informal postnatal classes.

One to One work in partnership with the NHS throughout your entire maternity journey - which is why, when the time comes that you no longer require One to One care, we ensure a smooth transition between your One to One midwife and your local NHS Health Visitor.

Who's the MaMA!

One to One has developed the role of a maternity support worker to help support the midwifery staff in providing a high standard of care for women, their babies and their whole family.

Our MaMA"s (Mother and Midwife assistant) are here to help support you and your family through the first few weeks of your babies lives. This is an additional service to the care you will already be receiving from your One to One midwife.

What does a MaMA do?

A MaMa is there to help with breastfeeding / feeding support by giving both practical advice and emotional support. MaMa’s give newborn baby care/information, which supports new mothers and fathers in both the antenatal and postnatal periods.MaMA's offer their support face to face via Parent Education workshops or at home in a one on one situation.

How do I contact a MaMA for further support?

Please speak to your named One to One midwife if you feel you would benefit from the additional support and your named midwife will make sure a MaMA contacts you to arrange a visit at a time convenient to both you and your partner.


“I have found the MaMA’s invaluable in their support with my breastfeeding. My breastfeeding has not gone as smoothly as planned and without the personal support of the MaMA’s I am sure I would have given up trying to breastfeed. My MaMA has extensive knowledge of breastfeeding and has always been at the end of a phone to answer any of my questions. Being able to see the same MaMA in person has meant we have developed a good rapport.”

- Anonymous

“I gave birth to my second child - a beautiful baby boy called Hudson - on 19/11/2013. From day one, we were very fortunate to be introduced to Julie who supported us as we began our breastfeeding journey. She was always available in person, by phone and text whenever we needed advice or help, and if it weren’t for Julie I probably would have given up! I found the first few weeks very challenging trying to manage an abundant milk supply and fast flow as well as being treated with antibiotics for mastitis and thrush. Julie was that angelic voice in my head fighting the demons when I was at my lowest reminding me of how far I had come and the rewards of how well my son was doing (he had two weeks of putting on nearly a whole pound!). She helped me set myself small realistic goals and was very supportive of my one day at a time attitude. She was very sympathetic and understanding when we encountered difficulties giving me helpful advice and checking in with me regularly to see how I was doing. Julie was so respectful, friendly and approachable from the first time I met her and time was never an issue. I immediately felt at ease especially having her watch me feed which being new to breastfeeding exclusively was something that took me a while to feel comfortable with. I considered Julie a valuable friend - non-judgmental and a very good listener! Nothing was ever too much trouble even when it felt like I was always on the phone to her! I really believe that without Julie's support in those first few weeks I wouldn't have made it to the 7 weeks we are up to now. Breastfeeding my son is one of my biggest and proudest achievements in my life and I will never forget how Julie helped make this possible. “

- Sarah & Hudson

“I feel that having MaMA’s at One to One really helps to enhance the level of support us midwives can offer our women. After referring our women to the MaMA’s they introduce themselves during pregnancy to help establish a relationship with the women. They provide antenatal education around baby care, early feeding and general support for the women. After birth the MaMA’s then support us in providing women with extra support with breastfeeding. Reassuring mums that they are providing the best start in life for their babies and really helping to promote the ethos of One to One to support families as much as possible. The MaMA’s provide home visits as well as telephone support to provide a friendly listening ear to the women on our caseloads. I feel that the role of the MaMA will only go from strength to strength. They have a passion to help women and their families and I am excited to continue to working with them in the future. “

- Emma, One to One Midwife

"Many thanks for helping me learn to breastfeed. Chloe is now exclusively breastfed and has been now for a good few weeks. She put on weight really rapidly after we got the tongue-tie sorted. She's a very happy contended little girl and Gareth (daddy) and I are so happy we are able to feed her the way we wanted to. She seems to love it too!

There was a lot of support offered to me from other agencies around breastfeeding, some of which was inaccurate/ pressurising. It was One to One’s non judgemental, friendly, and empowering style that got me through. I am in no doubt without this support I would not have continued to breastfeed."

- Kate, Gareth and Chloe