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Chester’s amazing welcome to the world


Wow! What an absolutely amazing experience. I’m actually really sad that my weekly visits from my amazing midwife Sarah has come to an end and it baffles me why anybody would choose any other type of care. This was my second pregnancy a..

Wonderful unexpected birth at home


I heard about One to One Midwives a few weeks after I’d signed up with the community midwives but decided to give them a try after hearing such good feedback. It was the best decision I could have made. I was a nervous pregnant lady af..

A positive home birth experience


I wanted to share my One to One birth story with you all. I met my lovely midwife Adelaide back in June when we found out we were expecting baby number 2. My labour began on the morning of the 10th January (my due date!). We arranged ch..

Chester Hombirth


I had my first baby in a birthing centre in slough almost 4 years ago. It wasn’t an awful experience but there was no ‘one to one’ care. I never saw the same midwife twice, and my labour felt slow and long, and I was told my con..

The greatest joy was to become a Mummy and Daddy; the second was to be given the gift of One to One.


Throughout my life children were never an option or even something I would begin to consider as a result of an overwhelming phobia of hospitals and doctors; an affliction I have unfortunately developed due to repeated bad experiences throughout m..

Warrington Birth Story


5 years ago, I gave birth to my daughter Amelia at hospital. My birth story was pretty much how you imagine labour to be like. Drugs, stuck on bed with wires and monitors beeping, drips to help keep you hydrated, hormone drip to speed up the labo..

My homebirth stories


I cannot praise One to One enough and my amazing midwife Kim and just as amazing MaMA Tina. Not only did I have the pleasure of both these ladies looking after me once, but I got to have them twice! The first time was with my son Bailey, who..

My Journey


My journey with One to One started about 12 months ago when we sadly miscarried our first baby. I started speaking to Lucy (my midwife) at this tricky time and she was just what I needed at the end of the phone. I then found out I was pregnant ea..

Third time’s the charm


So, after 6 weeks, I am finally finding some time (time to myself is nearly non-existent with 3 children!) to write about my third birth, my second with One to One and first water birth! I have always wanted a water birth, but with my first in ho..

How One to One Midwives helped me achieve the most amazing homebirth


How One to One Midwives helped me achieve the most amazing homebirth Today I was discharged by my wonderful midwife, Sheridan. Whilst I felt completely ready to be discharged, I also felt a slight sadness that my One to One experience was ove..

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