Elective Placements

Dear Student Midwife, 

We at One to One Midwives (North West) Limited are delighted to be able to welcome midwifery students at any stage of their training, for one-week elective observation placements. We can usually accommodate your preference for weeks and location (NW or SE England) but this is on a first come-first served basis as we receive so many enquiries. Please make initial enquiries via recruitment@121midwives.co.uk or through our website.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us and we will work together to ensure that you have a variety of experiences.

Please find information below on our service and what to expect during an elective placement with One to One midwives.

We look forward to meeting you!

Service provision

One to One (North West) Limited is an independent provider of maternity services commissioned and funded via the NHS. This service gives women a choice of maternity care provider in those areas where One to One is commissioned or funded.

The One to One service model is delivered in the primary care setting; this may be in the woman’s home, a GP Surgery, Children’s Centre’s or within appropriate premises in the very heart of the community. The full care pathway One to One provides encompasses pre conception, antenatal, intrapartum and extended postnatal care for up to six weeks including the care of women who develop early pregnancy complications. Caseloading midwives are fully competent and confident to provide care to women who present with, or develop, complications throughout their pregnancy, during birth and in the puerperium. 

Each midwife:

  • Carries their own caseload of women (the number of women will vary at any one time)
  • Together with their buddy, provides 24 hours on call cover for their caseload
  • Manages their own diary
  • Provides care and support for the woman and her family throughout the whole of her pregnancy and the early postnatal period
  • Liaises and works with the wider multidisciplinary team as appropriate

Each midwife and their buddy(ies) provides 24 hours “on call” cover. Therefore, for you to gain the very best learning experiences from your placement, you will be expected to work in close collaboration with your mentor, their buddy(ies) and within your allocated locality team. This will include being prepared to be flexible and work some weekends, evenings and ‘on calls’.

Ethos of care

One to One (North West) believes that all women should be at the very heart of their care. The following is the ethos of care which all women have access to in the front of their handheld notes: 

“One to One believes that all pregnant women should have easy access to services, choice, control and one to one care ensuring they receive continuity by a named midwife during their pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. You will be looked after by a One to One midwife who you will get to know and trust, from when you first book with us until your baby is 4-6 weeks old. You will be able to access her when you need her and have plenty of time during you appointments to talk about any worries and concerns you may have, and also to make plans for your pregnancy, birth and becoming new parents. The information we give you is evidence based and relevant to you and will enable you to make informed choices about your care.”

One to One enables midwives to work autonomously and truly be ‘with woman’.

This in turn means creating a learning environment where students can gain clinical skills and develop into confident midwives. 

How does the One to One service work?

The model of care is a purely woman focused model of care. Unlike traditional NHS midwifery where the woman has to fit in around the service, One to One deliver a service that is tailored to the woman herself. The model works as follows:

  • A midwife will contact the woman within 48hrs of referral. Referrals may be received at marketing events, via GPs and online or telephone self-referral
  • We aim to ensure that the woman will have the same midwife throughout her pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postnatally.
  • The midwife will undertake all aspects of care including blood tests
  • The care will be provided at home or in clinics, often flexibly, including evenings and weekends.
  • The woman has access to the midwife 24/7 by phone and text and email
  • The midwife will link in with the multidisciplinary team (i.e. obstetrician, GP, Health visitor)
  • Scans will be undertaken in the community.
  • The woman can birth at home or hospital of choice. Women opting for homebirth are supported by their named midwife. Women choosing to birth in hospital or a midwifery led birthing unit, the named midwife can offer early labour support at home and a home assessment.
  • The midwife will visit during the postnatal period for up to 6 weeks, on an individualised schedule providing all aspects of care. This is supported by the Midwife and Mothers Assistants (MaMAs)
  • The midwives facilitate provision of antenatal education including hypnobirthing sessions and active birth workshops

Learning Environment

There will be many different learning environments for you to experience:
  • Women’s homes
  • USS clinics
  • Drop in clinics
  • Parent Education Classes
  • Hypnobirthing Classes
  • Observing midwives using complementary therapies

What you can expect from us:

  • A wide range of learning experiences
  • An experience of a different provision of midwifery care
  • To be part of ‘our team’
  • Supportive learning environment

What we expect from you:

  • To be polite and respectful
  • To integrate into ‘our team’
  • To be respectful of women’s choices, regardless of your own opinions
  • To fully embrace learning opportunities presented
  • To take responsibility for your own learning
  • To adhere to uniform policies

Observation opportunities/skills list

During your placement we hope that you will experience some of the following opportunities:
  • Continuity of care
  • Women-centred care
  • Delivering parent education workshops
  • Early pregnancy management
  • Midwifery triage
  • 24 hour On-call
  • Antenatal bookings
  • Multi Disciplinary Team collaboration
  • Safeguarding procedures
  • Routine postnatal care
  • Home visits
  • Antenatal screening
  • USS clinic management
  • Diary management
  • Home Assessment in labour
  • Home Births – including water births
  • Midwifery triage
  • Health promotion/education
  • Pre-conception care
  • Infant feeding support

We hope that your experience will inspire you to consider a career with One to One and that you will apply to join us when you complete your midwifery training.